Softball is changing and we, as coaches, need to get our heads together and figure out a course of action to best serve the exceptional athletes we have assumed responsibility for. Problem parents, high school/travel ball conflicts, rising travel and tournament costs and early verbals aside, we need to devise a strategy and code of ethics to maximize our efforts. I have identified a number of topics that can be best addressed with a group dialogue. This is purely a starting point.

High School vs Travel
Can we work together?
Do we actually understand each other’s position?
How can we maximize the player’s total experience?
What do each of us actually need from our athletes during the summer

Escalating costs
Do we need to go to nationals across the country?
Can we get by with national level showcases and a southeast regional type end of year tournament?
Are ASA, PGF, etc. meeting our needs?
Should we expect a higher level of competence from umpires and other coaches?

Cost escalation on all fronts

Advantages and disadvantages of big organizations

Mentoring of younger/newbie coaches

There is truly strength in numbers and with our exceptional athletes as a trump card, we should be able to exercise some additional control over our sport on a national level. I have a suggestion on how we can get the process started.

Through the continued efforts of our board members, the GFCA has become a reality. Many hours have gone in to forming a board, writing a constitution, preparing a logo, establishing a Facebook page and putting together a coaches clinic, including the top college coaches in the state. Details will follow, but I want to extend my thanks to this dedicated group of coaches and softball officials.

Special thanks to Jackson Murphy of GAP for the logo.

Board members:

Amy Johnston
Danny Gershwin
Ernie Yarbrough
Garry Headrick
Jeff Britt
John Harris
Jose Tunon
Lisa Chapman
Roger Kincaid
Sammy Long
Scott Lowry
Steve Marcus
Thomas Gaines
Tonya Carlisle